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Xmanager 4.0 Build 0104

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Xmanager 4.0 Build 0104Description

Running application that are not specifically tailored for Windows platform requires a particular environment and dedicated software that can overcome inherent incompatibilities. Insofar as X Window System and its apps are concerned, the current solution chosen by lots of users worldwide is called Xmanager.
Able to bridge over Windows and Unix or Linux, this server allows users to install and deploy side-by-side programs that are native to any of the aforementioned operating systems. Remote connectivity is one of the paramount features that recommends Xmanager and it also packs loads of other goodies under its hood.
With the help of this software you will be able to have full control over the sessions, thanks to a powerful management console. X apps can be easily deployed using the built-in launcher, while server profiles can be administered with ease through a dedicated module.
A most welcomed functionality offered by Xmanager is the possibility to perform cut and paste operations between running programs belonging to either of the concurrent environments. Session management implies a method of structuring sessions in folders, for easier retrieval.
When it comes to establishing protected connections if accessing remote hosts is the requirement, the Secure XDMCP protocol is used. This can be done even if the computer is behind a gateway or a firewall, since the method is inspired by SSH tunneling.
In order to start a FTP session and transfer some files, or if launching a Telnet/SSH connection, all you have to do is type the necessary commands in the address bar of Xbrowser and press 'Go'. The SSH protocol can be configured in detail so you will get strong encryption for all data exchanged between the environments.
To sum things up, Xmanager is undoubtedly one of the best choices one can make to bring together completely different operating system architectures and their applications.
Reviewed by Olivian Puha, last updated on September 11th, 2014

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